By  Maria Sax,

Contemplate on the following important questions: Elaborate on your answers. Know Yourself!

  • When faced with difficulties, why do some people fall apart more often than others? Do you fall apart often?

When faced with difficulties some people ‘bleed all over the place.’ Instead of dealing with problems related to work at work, they carry the problem with them everywhere.

They may fight with everyone at home, they stop exercising, they don’t eat well or they sleep too much or they take their frustrations out on their dog.

  • Do you know someone who behaves like that?
  • Do you carry your problem everywhere?
  • How is it that, often such people make sure everyone else around them gets a negative charge, too?

Do you give a negative charge to others around?

  • Now your task is to help such a person. What would you say?

Self-pity and whining are energy vampires!

Rather than feeling defeated and depleted, bring positive change in others and in you. When faced with challenges, focus on finding as many Solution Oriented Options as you possibly can.

You will become a creative individual on the way to staying upbeat. You will feel energized when faced with problems knowing that each challenge boosts your resilience muscles.

Be a ‘can do’ person.

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