Reasons Recreational Cannabis Use Should Be Legal

Reasons Recreational Cannabis Use Should Be Legal

The Prohibition of cannabis has caused more problems than cannabis ever has. Because of it, millions of lives have been ruined, and everybody has had to pay the price.

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Effective Approaches to Conflict Management

Conflict management, whether at home, out in the street or in the workplace, takes considerable time and effort to master with any hope of competency.

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Failure of Fault Based War on Drugs

Kate Comiskey’s death is a tragic casualty of the war on drugs. It began when Governor General Taft outlawed opium in the newly conquered Philippines,

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Rules for Successful Marijuana Cloning

Marijuana cloning is tough to learn and requires dedication and an eye for details. Rather than planting ready made successful clones in to your garden, you should follow certain basic rules of cloning in order to get newer and better varieties of marijuana cannabis. Let us discuss steps involved in cloning of cannabis plant:

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Volcano Vaporizers Are Best For the Intake of Cannabis


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by Ricky Hussey,

Volcano Vaporizer may be considered a vaporizing machine which consists of the conical base or the heater with some of the controls for the purpose of manipulation of the airflow & even the temperature. Temperature regulation is important. This vaporizer may be used for the purpose of aromatherapy and the smokeless intake of cannabis or may be some other herbs.

It can also be used for culinary preparation. There is a system for the purpose of air collection. It contains a heatproof bag and valves in order to control the dispersal, & also a chamber where the heating of material takes place. After the inflation of the bag, it is removed from the heater and then inhales the vapors. The other alternative is to disperse all the vapors.

Aromatherapy is done using volcano vaporizer. Certain Aromatic components which are extracted either from the herbs & spices or may be the plant extracts are used for this purpose. The aromas may get vanished at very high temperature thus it is important to maintain the vaporizer at a nominal temperature. The destruction of aroma is due to its chemical properties.

The Clinical evaluations for this kind of Vaporizers were undertaken in the University of California which lies in San Francisco. This research was done in the year 2007. The results of the research were published in Academy of Neurology which is journal available basically in America.

Volcano Vaporizers are used basically for cannabis consumption.  The basic advantage of using the volcano vaporizer for this purpose is that the cannabinoids may get released without emitting any kind of toxic byproducts, thus allowing intake of cannabinoids and even reducing damaging health hazards of smoking.

Volcano Vaporizers are used widely by chefs like the Grant Achatz & Ferran Adrià. These vaporizers are used as a technique of applying the limited amount of heat to the foodsPsychology Articles, the herbs & the spices so as to release certain flavors which may otherwise be difficult to apply. The other consequence may be the spoiling of the foods due to over heating.

This Vaporizer was manufactured in tuttlingen that is in Germany. The company manufacturing such stuff is the Storz & Bickel. This company specializes in the manufacturing of vaporizers.

Volcano Vaporizer was awarded by Dr. Rudolf Eberle in 2003. This Prize was given to the company for outstanding design & innovation.


Australian Medicinal Cannabis Companies


by Mahendra Pingale,

The utilization and development of cannabis is unlawful in Australia without authorisation, support or reason under law. Restorative need is likewise a genuine safeguard for a few people in Australia for e.g. Clinical trials of cannabis for therapeutic purposes have been proposed by numerous legislatures.

As of now, the main state to begin medicinal trials is NSW, having begun the first of three trials in January 2015. This first trial is centered around treating extreme epilepsy in kids. Support for an adjustment in enactment allowing the utilization of maryjane for restorative purposes remained generally unaltered somewhere around 2004 and 2007. 66% (68.6%) of respondents in the 2007 NDSHS overview upheld “an adjustment in enactment allowing the utilization of pot for medicinal purposes” and right around seventy five percent (73.6%) bolstered “a clinical trial for individuals to utilize pot to treat therapeutic conditions”. Females were marginally more probable than guys to bolster both of these measures.

A media report on May 16, 2013 expressed that a New South Wales (NSW) parliamentary board of trustees has suggested the utilization of restoratively endorsed cannabis for in critical condition patients and has bolstered the sanctioning of cannabis-construct pharmaceuticals with respect to such grounds. As a major aspect of the suggestion, the advisory group has called upon the participation of the elected Australian government for a plan that would permit patients to have up to 15 grams of cannabis. Additionally, both the patients and their carers would be required to acquire an authentication from an expert, enrollment with the Department of Health and a photograph Identification card.

The board of trustees’ report, which included Liberal, National, Labor, Greens and Shooters party individuals, was consistent, yet the archive recognized that NSW had restricted forces, as government laws and bodies, for example, the Therapeutic Goods Administration represented the direction of medications. Likewise, the board of trustees did not prescribe the utilization of cannabis for interminable torment or for the decriminalization of pot development for individual use. Ellomo Medical Cannabis P/L and Mullaway’s Medical Cannabis P/L are two Legalise Cannabis Australia is therapeutic cannabis organizations, and the previous was in charge of an accommodation to the 2013 NSW parliamentary enquiry into the utilization of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In February 2014, Tasman Health Cannabinoids proposed trials of development and handling of therapeutic cannabis in Tasmania in conjunction with the University of Tasmania, this was affirmed in foremost by the then Labor Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne, yet hence dismisses by the approaching Liberal Health Minister Michael Ferguson. The organization then was allowed a permit by the Norfolk Island Government to deliver medicinal cannabis, however that permit was upset by the island’s Administrator, Gary Hardgrave.

On the seventeenth of October 2015, the Federal Government reported that it would legitimize the developing of cannabis for therapeutic and experimental purposes. On the 24th of February 2016Free Articles, the Cannabis Dispensaries Australia parliament made corrections to the Narcotic Drugs Act that legitimized the developing of cannabis for therapeutic and exploratory purposes.


Secrets of Growing Marijuana



by Marie Matt,

Growing marijuana is a popular hobby, especially in places where growing medical marijuana is legal, and many marijuana magazines have covered different aspects of this activity before, but we are presenting you with the secrets of growing marijuana at home. Marijuana Cannabis is broadly of two types; Cannabis sativa that gets you stoned and Cannabis indica, which gets you high. When you know the correct technique of growing marijuana, it will give you pure, addictive-free cannabis. 

Growing marijuana is a popular hobby, especially in places where growing medical marijuana is legal, and many marijuana magazines have covered different aspects of this activity before, but we are presenting you with the secrets of growing marijuana at home. Marijuana Cannabis is broadly of two types; Cannabis sativa that gets you stoned and Cannabis indica, which gets you high. When you know the correct technique of growing marijuana, it will give you pure, addictive-free cannabis.

With modern techniques, growing cannabis has become easier and they provide seemingly infinite varieties of hybrid strains. While most growers are satisfied with a yield of two ounces per plant, they don’t know that it is possible to consistently yield over a pound, and in some cases over two pounds, all while remaining within the restrictions of their medical marijuana programs. You can grow them outdoors as well as indoors. Marijuana, if grown outdoors, is always under the constant threat of fluctuating weather, diseases, and thieves, so growing them using indoor hydroponics is a better option.

To start, try to get some good clones from reliable person else opt for seed germination. Feminized seeds are best for this purpose under artificial lighting, outdoors or in the greenhouse. These seeds produce marijuana of high quality, flavor, and potency (THC/CBD) than those produced by non-feminized seeds. Germinate marijuana seeds in rockwool cubes and maintain the temperature between 75° and 85° Fahrenheit. If you want to get potent buds, remove the male plants before flowering takes place. This will let the female plants to utilize all her energy in producing sticky, THC-laden flowers rather than the seeds. With this, you will get a virgin plant. Though you can use nutrient film technique for growing marijuana, but the most popular choice of growers for this is ebb and flow system. Cannabis likes lower temperatures and cool blue light, so Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) are the best lights for growing hydroponic marijuana. Blue light of MH is good for vegetative phase while red spectrum of HPS is optimum for flowering growth. Keep the lights on for 16 to 24 hours a day during vegetative phase. To initiate flowering, when the plants are at least 6 inches tall and have at least four sets of leaves, 12-13 hours of light is sufficient. Make sure dark period is very dark else, it will stay in vegetative phase only. Give your plants N-rich diet during vegetative and P-rich diet during flowering phase. Flush the plants with clean, nutrient-free water once during the flowering phase, again after 6 weeks, and then just before harvesting.

Harvesting time of marijuana is a question of choice. If you want high THC content then reap your plants when about 50% of trichomes have turned from clear to a milky color. If you can be patient until they are brown with high CBD content, you will get a heavier, stoned effect. Hang your marijuana plants upside down from strings for drying in a cool dark airy room and seal them in an airtight jar or bag for next few days. Expose them to air only for 15 minutes twice a day to ensure complete curing and enjoy a smoothPsychology Articles, even burn.




The Biggest German Cannabis Exhibition Returns Back to Germany



By Shaon Hossain Opu,

The cannabis exhibition was last held in Germany 11 years ago and now it is making a total comeback to the same place. There will be 3000 meters squared of hall space and an outdoor space of 2500 meters squared. The expo is dubbed “Mary Jane berlin”. This is a major exhibition that will see over one hundred international and national exhibitors participate. This is not just an exhibition; it is also a festival that has to be celebrated.

There will be many exhibitors, live concerts, food stalls as well as many lectures that talk about the therapeutic effects that cannabis has, this is a place where you can access entertainment and extensive cultural education.

Cannabis is Versatile

When you attend Mary Jane berlin, you will be informed of the variety that the green plant comes in. It can be used as food, as a building material and as medicine too. There are many constructive roles that cannabis can play and all can be achieved quite well if you know a thing or two about the plant. This is something that you can learn more extensively at the exhibition.

You will be able to learn all there is to learn about the plant in two halls. This will be an extensive kind of exhibition that offers culture and entertainment all wrapped in one.

Cannabis has a very negative reputation all over the world, but this may be due to the fact that there are many people who abuse the plant. However, this is one plant which is most valuable and one that has very ornamental and useful elements that can be used by man. During the exhibition, the exhibitors from all fields will be able to give you an insight on all the areas where cannabis can be applied.

Uses of Cannabis

Cannabis can be taken as a super food that is beneficial for the consumers. It also has a cosmetic application and can be used in the creation of clothing. The spectrum will go to more advanced lengths where head shops and the grow shops will have an offering of lighters, paraphernalia and all sorts of accessories that can be used for smoking purposes.

When you choose to attend the Mary Jane Berlin expo means that you will be able to see and experience the very latest developments and all the products that revolve around this green powered plant. You can also get some amazing prices during the exhibition, which makes attending a thing that is totally worth your while.

Cultural Programmes and Events

During the exhibition, people will be able to interact and share views on different things. There is a cultural program that comes with conferences, discussions and lecturers of international and national cannabis experts who will be able to comment on some issues that revolve around nutrition, medicinal use and the legalization of cannabis.

There will be also a lounge where one can relax and food stands that will ensure that everyone’s wellbeing is well catered for. There will also be an after party where there will be able to provide the much needed entertainment at the Fritz club with a DJ as well as live performances from various artists.

There are limited resale tickets that can be bought at a rate which is discounted. This will give you the chance to be counted among those who will attend the biggest cannabis expo in Berlin Germany.


The cannabis plant has for a long time been demonized and it is actually an illegal drug in many parts of the world. This plant continues to be uprooted by the police everywhere it is seen. HoweverFree Reprint Articles, there is more to the plant that many people would care to admit. There are some serious benefits that the plant can offer the human race and it is for this reason that something as big as this is organized so as to sensitize the people.